Network Marketing Success Coach
and Phone Prospecting Trainer

Tracy ‘Power Gal’ Monteforte

Are you new to network marketing and looking for the right training and mentorship to shrink your learning curve?

Perhaps you’ve been in the business for a while and you’re frustrated or ready to turn up the heat and take it to the next level, expanding beyond your warm market.

Or are you a network marketing professional, already experiencing success and looking for great training, tools and resources to share with your team.

Hi, I’m Tracy ‘PowerGal’ Monteforte and I’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now. As an ACTIVE career network marketer, tool provider and trainer to the industry my mission is to raise the bar on the professionalism of our industry and to teach people how to work truly 100% from home using two tools we all have: The Internet and the Telephone ( I can teach you how!)

Now I’m not claiming to be God’s gift to the network marketing industry, but in my nearly three decades of experience, I’ve had it all…the success, the challenges, the joys, the so-called failures and the tenacity to hang in through it all because it’s worth it; I’m worth it and so are you!

Why “Power Gal”?

I believe we live in a world where all too often people surrender their personal power and settle for a life of mediocrity. From the time we’re born we’re taught to not rock the boat, to be reasonable, to not question authority, to get a good job and to stick with the status quo even though it may be slowly killing us inside. I’ve always been one to push the limits and ask, “WHY?” (Just ask my mother!) When I’m told I can’t, it actually fuels my desire.

Have you ever felt that way?

Network Marketing is the perfect place for people like us! It’s a place where we can re claim our personal power and help others do the same.

Power vs. Force

Now, I am not talking about overpowering people through force. Trying to force your products, services and ideas on others via pressure or intimidation rarely works and it certainly isn’t any fun. On the other hand, coming from a place of personal power, knowing what you want, where you’re going and WHY, you will attract the right people at the right time who will want what you have. It’s called “Attraction Marketing”.

Why should you listen to me?

My husband and I have made millions of dollars in this industry and have helped thousands of others world-wide to build their businesses bigger, faster and with less effort. After years of home parties and hotel meetings we wanted a business that was truly in our own home. In 2001 we launched one of the very first automated marketing, lead generation, follow-up & training systems on the Internet and our System is still serving the industry today. In 2006 I re entered the field as a distributor, so I am not someone just earning an income from selling coaching and tools, I’m actually in the trenches building a team just like you. I know what it takes in the 21st century to build a thriving organization and I’m DOING IT!

Once a teacher…

Prior to network marketing I was a Jr. High School teacher. In 1987 my first child, was born and I could not bear the thought of leaving him in day care all day. It was a tough decision but I am proud to say ow that I chose my son. In 1990 my daughter was born. My sister Lisa, who was my sponsor, and I enjoyed many years building our businesses together, raising our children and taking our husbands on all exotic trips that our company paid for, something I never could have afforded on a school teacher’s salary. We worked hard but the rewards were priceless.

The greatest reward of all was that I was home to raise our two children. It’s not always easy juggling a home-business with small children but the alternative would have broken my heart. As we say in our profession, I found my why that made me cry!

My greatest passion is teaching others what I have learned in a condensed, hands-on, interactive way that shortens the learning curve. Through my live workshop webinar intensives I help network marketers overcome phone fear and caller reluctance and turn their phones into their cash machines! You can find all the details about my next workshop at

I invite you to explore the many free resources and articles on this site and to make this a regular check-in point on your journey to success. My intention is to shorten your learning curve and to help you unleash your personal power. By becoming truly coachable and staying focused on your goals, you truly can live the life of our dreams!

Dedicated to Your Success!


Tracy ‘PowerGal’ Monteforte

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